ABCBookworld ABCBookWorld provides detailed and original information for and about more than 11,800 British Columbia authors as well as their books.

This free ‘B.C. Author Bank’ was conceived by Alan Twigg in 2001. The ongoing partnership and technical support of Simon Fraser University Library has been essential.

ABCBookWorld contains thousands of photos, essays and transcripts of interviews,  as well as biographical summaries and bibliographies. And it’s free for all.

Just click on ABCBookWorld to enter.

New book info is added daily to keep pace with almost every new book that is published for, by and about British Columbians. There is no overall literary history of British Columbia except the ABCBookWorld archive.

The linked sites of BCBookLook and ABCBookWorld receive more than 4,000 visitors per day. These sites have also been augmented by a new service that provides in-depth reviews for books by British Columbia authors, The Ormsby Review.

These sites were created by Alan Twigg, who also created and publishes the BC BookWorld newspaper. To see an electronic verson of the newspaper, published since 1987, click on BC BookWorld.