Understanding Belize

Understanding Belize: A Historical Guide (Harbour 2006).

Understanding Belize“Belize is a blending place. All a we mek Belize, goes the Creole saying. All of us make Belize. Belize will transform you. It will adopt your imagination for the rest of your days.

“In the 20th century it was the only country in the Americas not to have a McDonald’s restaurant. But it’s a multi-ethnic, problematic place that shouldn’t be mistaken for paradise.

“Lobster-and-orchid-rich Belize looks great from a hammock on Ambergris Caye, the place that inspired Madonna’s La Isla Bonita, but don’t go buying that seaside lot until you learn some facts about Belize that won’t be found in tourism guides.

“This history contains a recent interview with nation founder George Price, a detailed timeline, photos by the author and thorough accounts of racial origins for multi-ethnic Belize–the only Central American country that doesn’t touch the Pacific.

“Still confused with larger Spanish-speaking Honduras to the south, Belize remains an upright rectangle tucked against its unfriendly neighbour, Guatemala, choosy and proud, stranded like a wallflower at the dance of nations.

Monkey river, Belize“Go ahead. Ask her to dance. But read this book and find out who she is before you go. This quality trade paperback takes over where conventional travel guides leave off. For the discriminating traveler, honeymooner or armchair historian seeking a deeper understanding of Belize, this fascinating Concise History is just the ticket.” — Harbour Publishing

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