Out of Hiding

A cross-section of stories collected from one region of the globe — British Columbia, Canada — examining 85 authors and 160 books. Outstanding characters include the heroic whistleblower, Rudolf Vrba, credited by historian Sir Martin Gilbert with saving at least 100,000 lives, as well as Robbie Waisman, likely the only person ever to sneak his way into Nazi prison camps, twice.

Discoveries include Dr. Tom Perry’s never-published photos of just-liberated Buchenwald, a little-known Warsaw Ghetto memoir by Stanislav Adler and Jennie Lifschitz, perhaps the only Canadian-born Jew to have survived the camps.

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This is an excellent interview with Alan Twigg with the Jewish Independent newspaper, called “Roadmap to Remembering.”

Another great interview with the Georgia Straight is here, “A collage of B.C. Perspectives.”

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