Aboriginality Vol. 2

Aboriginality: The Literary Origins of British Columbia, Volume 2
(Ronsdale Press, 2005) 978-1553800309

AboriginalityAboriginality is unprecedented. It marks the first time there has ever been a full book devoted entirely to the Indigenous authors of one Canadian province. Fifteen years later, as of 2020, it remained the only book solely devoted to Indigenous authors in one province.

Alan Twigg’s second volume in his series about B.C. literary history offers a fascinating panorama of more than 170 Aboriginal authors and illustrators, from Pauline Johnson to the present.

With more than 100 photos and 300 titles included, Aboriginality presents a fresh and provocative view of provincial history and retrieves many First Nations authors from obscurity.


“I just finished your wonderful book Aboriginality. It should be required reading in every school in BC. I am fortunate to have known many of the people featured in you book. You did some amazing research. You have a candid style of writing that keeps the spirit of the people alive who are mentioned in your book.” — Latash Maurice Nahanee, Uslahan, Squamish temiwx


Chinese edition:

Aboriginality: The Literary Origins of British Columbia, Vol. 2
(Peking University Press, 2013)

Chinese Translation- Aboriginality